Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Kids simply bring their report card from this semester/term into their local, participating comic book store, once there the staff will show the kids the selection of comics they have to choose from.

What’s the catch?

There really isn’t one! We just want to encourage kids to work hard at school and develop a lifelong love of reading.

What grades are included?

We accept all report cards from junior kindergarten to grade 12 (even those completing a victory lap).

Do kindergarten report cards count; their report cards don’t have “grades”?

Absolutely! We don’t let a little thing like not having a letter or percentage grade stop us from giving away comics to these hardworking kids.

I don’t have any A’s on my report card, can I still get anything?

We will look at every report card and try our best to find any reason to reward a student with at least one free comic.
We also let them know that if they work hard to improve their grades next term they can get free comics in June when they go up a full grade (for example going from a C- to a B-).

Do A minuses and percentages count?

Of course! An A- is still an A and anything above 80% is considered an A

When does this offer expire?

This program runs twice a year:

  • when the mid-term report card is released in February until March 31st
  • when the final report card is released in June until July 31st

I’m in university does it still count for me?

No, sadly our offer is only until the end of high school.

What’s the maximum number of free comics a child can get?

That really depends on the report card, but generally there are 8 or 9 subjects on a report card. Because we give away a comic for every subject that a student receives an A in they are only limited by the number of subjects they have.

How could a child that is home schooled participate?

By coming into a participating comic book shop with one of his/her teachers who can vouch for their performance or their version of a report card.

I’m a teacher/librarian/parent how can I help spread the word?

Take a look at our page here on spreading the word!